Meet The Cheesecake Queen

Ever since my mother taught me to bake at an early age, cheesecake has been my passion. I quickly became a flavor aficionado, happily experimenting with tastes and textures until I found the perfect combinations. Today these unexpected delights please and surprise both cheesecake lovers and those who are shy about trying new flavors.

In fact, after tasting my cheesecakes, several formerly sugar-shy eaters exclaimed, “I don’t even like cheesecake, but I love yours!”
I love it when clients leave happy and craving more. I strive to please the picky palate and to hit a crowd-pleasing flavor home-run.
I am driven to create something new and inspired, a food experience that is fun and unexpected while elegant and precise. A delicious dessert that leaves you both satisfied and still wanting more! I strive to please the picky palate and to hit a crowd-pleasing flavor home-run.
My mind is forever inventing new cheesecake flavors and combinations. The possibilities are endless. In fact, I am currently working on an Apple Dumpling Cheesecake that promises to be a best-selling signature creation.

The Brand

We at The Cheesecake Queen choose to be the trendsetter in the gourmet cheesecake industry. To ensure our continued “powerhouse” status we will consistently develop new methods of dessert construction, designs, and electrifying flavors. We are committed to providing decadence, elegance, and ambiance to our customers. Flawless tastes with flavorful infusions. “Let Them Eat Cheesecake”

We look forward to making your special event more delicious with decadent desserts that look as good as they taste.